The true pizza in the oven for your home

Pizzarello is the professional kit to bake, bake, and serve in your house splendid pizzas with exclusive tools used in the best pizzerias.

Il Pizzarello

Do you want to turn you into an experienced pizza maker in your kitchen?
Cook a pizza using the same professional tools? Recreating cooking professional ovens?
From today, with Pizzarello kit you can finally give free rein to your imagination and your skills with some tasty and crispy pizzas as to taste your friends or family.

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The Kit

You will find in the 4 major tools kit for the preparation and cooking: a large shovel to prepare and bake the pizza, a baking stone essential for a cooking "on purpose", a servipizza cutting board with grooves for a perfect cut into wedges and a professional pizza cutters steel.
And also: 1 kg of flour Special Pizza IAQUONE
and a 100 ml bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil SPRAYLEGGERO MANTOVA.

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Because the pizza cooks better on baking stone?

The refractory stone reproduces quite well the cooking of professional ovens in pizzerias, where the floor, in contact with the base of the pizza, moved in a homogeneous way the right amount of heat that in a few minutes door to complete the cooking the pizza.
Home adaptations in the refractory plate really makes the difference between the traditional cooking method, where the base of classical greased baking sheet gives the pizza a fund "toasted" and shiny, not comparable to the real pizza oven. The baking stone, with its rough and porous surface helps to recreate in cooking, a thin layer of air under the pizza that helps to remove the excess of 'giving it moisture of crunchiness and texture.
It absorbs moisture and fat, enhancing the flavors and giving the pizza dough a fragrance comparable to cooking traditional pizzerias.

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How to use the baking stone?

The stone should be placed in the oven before you turn, must be dry and has to warm up gradually to the desired temperarura.

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What is the most appropriate thickness for the baking stone?

There are different thicknesses and types of refractory stones: from classic "brick" thick 3 cm and more, which are difficult to lead to optimal temperature in domestic ovens by virtue of the high thickness. Thicknesses finer than 1 cm are inadvisable because more fragile and less ability to retain heat. The thickness must also be full to provide optimal heat retention even after multiple openings of the domestic oven. Pizzarello offers the classic tile-shaped, 1 cm thick, with rounded edges and corners for increased safety in the socket.

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All refractory bricks are suitable for the oven?

There are different refractory materials that, suitably mixed together, to give shaped bricks and other building products used for the lining of furnaces and fireplaces. Occor do, however, attention to the composition of the materials used so that there are no components that, under the action of heat, may release harmful substances or toxic fumes. The baking stone in the kit is the best quality, widely used in professional ovens on the market, and is therefore used in the food industry in domestic ovens for baking pizza, bread and yeast.

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Cleaning is simple?

Absolutely yes. To clean the plate just a slightly damp cloth. For the shovel instead use a dry cloth, never use water: when wet wood can sag and make inutilizzbile shovel. The wooden plate, being treated with special non-toxic paints, can be safely washed with mild soap and water.

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I have an oven 90cm, I can use two stones at the same time?

Sure! the size of the baking stone allow you to be able to combine two in the oven 90cm. Ask for the listing of additional stone that will be mailed along with Pizzarello kit.

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The facilities are suitable for food use?

Yes, the materials used are all suitable for food use. In particular, the servipizza plate is treated with a stain-resistant coating exclusive non-toxic

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